Faith & Fitness

21 day Challenge

Starting July 3rd, we will work on developing healthy habits with the She is Society Faith & Fitness Challenge!

This challenge welcomes participants from every city and state, allowing anyone to enter or join regardless of their location.

We understand that habits are the building blocks of our lives. They shape our actions, define our character, and ultimately determine our outcomes.

We believe

We firmly believe that faith and fitness go hand in hand, and this challenge will help you experience the incredible synergy between the two. By dedicating just a small portion of your day to this challenge, you can make a significant impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Over the course of 21 days, we will equip you with tools, support, and resources necessary to cultivate daily habits that will help transform your life.

”Hope alone doesn’t bring

about change, Habits do”

-Craig Groeschel


What you get

Daily Devotional Book of John

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Workout Routines

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Nutritional Guidance

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Plug into Private Community

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Habit Building Tracker

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cost to join

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For a one-time fee of just $49, you'll gain full access to an array of incredible resources and support, including a thriving community, live online workouts, expert nutritional guidance, and Bible reading accountability!

Next steps

  • Once you have signed up, you will receive access to workouts, nutritional guidance, and other challenge details.

  • download Community app

  • Print your habit tracker and place it somewhere you can see & update daily

  • Devise a plan to succeed, pray, & do!

“Your habits today will

shape your tomorrow”

-Craig Groeschel

Tools & resources

Throughout the challenge, we will focus on nurturing your mind, body, and soul

through various activities and resources, including:

Nutrition Facts
Bibles and a Notebook


Access a range of carefully curated exercise routines suitable for all fitness levels, ensuring you can participate regardless of your experience or abilities from home or any place.


Receive expert advice on maintaining a balanced and healthy diet to complement your fitness journey.


Daily chapter from the Bible: Engage in scripture reading that will strengthen your faith and inspire personal growth.

Faith & Fitness

21 DAY Challenge

Thank you for considering this invitation. We look forward to embarking on this remarkable journey together, as we strive to strengthen our bodies, deepen our faith, and support one another along the way.

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Post-challenge, you have an incredible opportunity to become an all-access member of our community app for a limited price of just $7.99. By doing so, you'll gain unrestricted access to all of our exceptional content, extending far beyond the boundaries of the fitness challenge.



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